Thursday, October 4, 2012


I can’t imagine starting this blog without telling you how I met (and married) the man of my dreams.

It was another Sunday afternoon at the YMCA, watching all 3 of my brothers play basketball in a men's league they were on together.  I loved watching my brothers play, and it gave my sweet little 3 year old baby a chance to play with his cousins too!

But on THIS Sunday, they had picked up a new player.  He was tall . . .  6'7'' to be exact . . . and so incredibly hot, that I leaned over and asked my sister-in-law who the “hot guy” was. 

I loved that he seemed to be friends with all 3 of my brothers and wondered why I had never met him.

Turns out, he was a good friend of my oldest brother, so I asked my brother about him and his response to me was "No, you are not dating one of my friends, because if you break up, it will be awkward for me!’

Well, if you know me at all, you know I’m tenacious, and I don't give up easily!  (I looked up the word tenacious because I didn’t want to say I was stubborn!  HA!)

So you can bet I had my little self in those bleachers every Sunday after that until FINALLY,




he asked me out.  (That boy was sloooowwww)

I remember our first date like it was yesterday.  I was so nervous, looking out my office window (peeking out from behind the mini blinds, like a giddy high school girl).  When a white BMW 740 pulled up into my driveway, and a gorgeous 6 foot 7 inch hunk of man stepped out of that car, I think I stopped breathing for just a moment.

Three years later, we said “I do!”

He was and is everything I dreamed of (and not just the tall, dark and handsome part!)  He loves my family, my friends, and Jesus.  He loved my sweet baby boy, “D”, right from the start, and eventually adopted him as his own.

From my side of the fence, I think God saved this man for me.  He’s not perfect, but he’s perfect for me.


  1. What a sweet story. I don't think you told me this story before. Or maybe I just never asked! Funny how the Lord puts people together!

  2. Umm...ditto to what Carol said! Very sweet story indeed! Check out my blog when you get a chance :)

  3. I could have told you he was slow. But he is a good guy just the same. Glad you kept coming back to
    watch them play ball.