Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hooray for Summer!

Summer is almost here, and I'm kinda excited, well, not kinda, I am excited! Humor me here as I go thru my list.

*It's warm and sunny today, FINALLY! :) (I'm not complaining, just stating facts)

*All my men both big and one almost big are under the same roof. Yes, our college boy, D,  is home from an awesome 3rd year of both Academics and basketball!

*School is over in our house! Our first go at home schooling was a HUGE success. We were able to finish all 6th grade academics almost 3 weeks before the local public school, and why you ask? Well, because we get to work at our own pace; which for "A"is full steam ahead and very driven! We love home schooling!! I even heard my husband say we are for sure doing it through Middle School! :) yea!
      *This month was one of my favorite (seriously) sales   
      Thirty One does all year... Thermal sale, half price 
      thermal sale to be exact! And with our new catalog, we 
      have added new thermal styles and new prints! Check it 
      out here!  

      *Fresh veggies from our garden! Yes, we have a garden, 
      and I love getting the fresh produce that we planted and 
      God grows!

That about sums up what's making me excited today!

Keep checking back next month, for the great Thirty-One specials! I will be doing another give away soon!