Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Week With a Princess

As the mother of two boys, there is one thing that this pink loving, self-proclaimed, girlie-girl princess missed out on . . . the fun of having a little girl!

Well in the "be-careful-what-you-wish-for" world, I got to spend a full 5 days with my cousin's daughter last week!  And oh what a week it was!  I'm laughing to myself just thinking about some of the things we did.

First, you have to picture this sweet little princess . . .

Long, curly blonde hair,

big blue eyes,

sweet round face,

and a darling little high-pitched voice

And, you should know that her parents (my cousins) have NEVER gone away, alone, without her, since the day of her birth THREE YEARS AGO!  Clearly they needed some alone time.  And they trusted us!  Wow.  What an honor!

I have to tell you,  I kind of expected a week of
playing dolls and dressing up like a princess.
Well, she might look like a princess,
but that little girl wanted to find the best place
to get dirty and play outside everyday.
This is the cutest picture I have of her!  I love it
because she's covered in dirt, but with a big pink bow in her hair and a sassy look on her face that only a three year old could get away with!

We rode four wheelers, played in the dirt,  and drew with sidewalk chalk (that stuff gets all over you!).  We played with rocks and trucks. That girl was all about rough and tumble, getting dirty, boy toys!
Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed about that. But we still had so much fun.
OH, and lets not forget the Spiderman dress up costume that she LOVED! (yes, i added a pink bow to the top of "Spidey's head!)


And let me tell you, if you don't have toddlers, they are busy, little creatures!

My sons are much older now and don't need me as much (a fact that makes me very sad), so I might have forgotten how exhausting it can be to be needed all day long.  Between the potty training and the questions . . .  3 year olds ask a lot of questions . . . and the sudden urgent declarations of "I gotta go pee pee!" I was exhausted by bedtime every night!

One of the best parts of each day for me was night time (and not just because she was going to bed! HA!).  I loved it because after her bath, I would brush her hair (didn't get to do that with my boys!) and then rub her back while singing "Jesus Loves Me" as she fell asleep.

From my side of the fence, I think EVERY summer little "C" needs to come spend a week with us.  But next summer there WILL be some dress up and dolls, manicures and maybe even a trip to American Girl!


  1. Now you see why we look the way we do. I am sure she had a ball with "Aunt" Cathy. Little girls are so much fun and every now and then they like to dress up as a princess. Enjoy your rest.