Friday, October 26, 2012


I knew when I started this blog, that I would someday write about my brother, David.  Losing a sibling is the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life, and has shaped me in such significant ways, that I knew I would have to share his story.

David was my little brother, and I use the word "little" only because he was younger than me.  In size, he was a 6'3" 250lb, overgrown teddy bear with a heart of gold; certainly not "little" by any stretch of the imagination!

David and I in High School
Of four siblings, David and I were the closest in age, so we grew up together playing outside, riding four wheelers, dirt bikes, and go-carts, doing chores, fighting as only brothers and sisters can, and sharing our lives.   He and I were best friends growing up, even going on double dates together when we were older.

David loved life to the fullest, and he loved people.  He would share anything he had with anyone, and I do mean anyone!  If you did not know David, and he did not know you, and you approached him and told him you needed something, anything; if he had it, he would give it to you.  He was just that kind of guy!


 Uncle David with D and A

On January 9, 2007, David came home from work early. (He was the General Manager of Southern Flooring and Interiors that my older brother owns.) He came in, kissed his wife, and said he was going out for a ride on his four wheeler with his buddies. His wife asked him to be home in 2 hours for dinner, but less than an hour later, a friend came to the house and told Erin she needed to come quickly.  An ambulance had been called and was on its way. 

David had wrecked his four wheeler.
The rest of my family was 45 minutes away, at a basketball game for our oldest son, D, when David's wife called us to say there had been an accident.  We found out on the way to the hospital that David had already was the hardest thing I have ever heard over the phone. I can remember hearing those words even today.  I know right where my car was and on which road, when my sister-in-law told me. 
David actually passed away the instant he wrecked; flipping his four wheeler and breaking his sternum, puncturing his aorta when he went over the front.

David left behind a wife of 10 years, a little boy who had just turned 3 and a little girl who was not even 2. In my opinion, and I have told God this many times, David left way too soon.  I wish I had been given even one more day to tell David how much I really loved and appreciated him, and how I love the memories of us growing up together.

I have cried and watched my parents and brothers cry until we have no tears left to cry. The pain of this has been the most intense I have ever experienced.

But five years later, I want you to know that although I do not always like what God allows to happen, I know He will use it all for HIS good.  (He promises this in Romans 8:28) We had the plan of salvation shared at David's funeral...and do you know 5 people were saved, and their lives were changed forever, for eternity! 

Remember I said David would do anything for anyone?  I think David would have said, "I will go through that again, for others to find Jesus."  He was that kind of man.

David is missed daily, and will always be missed. There is a hole in our family and a void at all family gatherings.  But the one thing that makes it better is knowing my little brother is perfect now; he does not struggle with life, with the economy, with the influences of this world.

He is perfect and rejoicing with HIS Savior whom he loves so much. David knew Jesus personally, and because of that, we will see him again someday.  He is waiting with my grandparents, in heaven. I love that picture.

From my side of the fence, I just want to say,
"I miss you, David.  And I love you."


  1. A very beautiful story, Cathy. It's easy to tell how much you loved him.

  2. thanks Carol...he was a great little brother and an awesome guy! he was loved and is missed by so many, thats for sure.