Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let 'Em Eat Cake!

UPDATE: Amy, you have won this amazing new Thirty One  tote...go to www.mythirtyone.com/catherinehenry and pick which print you wld like and I will order it for you! Congrats!!

I have a friend of mine who is madly in love with this cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.  Every time she talks about it I think to myself, "Oh my gosh, I want to eat that cheesecake!"

The cheesecake she loves is the White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake.  I asked her to describe it to me (as only she can) and this is what she wrote.

"This is hands-down the best cheesecake I have ever had in my mouth.  It's the kind of cheesecake that is so good that when you slice a bite and put it in your mouth, you want to close your eyes and savor the moment.  And the only thing that can top "that moment" is knowing that you're going to get to take another bite and another bite and another bite.  

The crust of this cheesecake has a ribbon of caramel threaded through it.  And then right above the crust is a layer of thick, rich, buttery caramel.  And it that's not enough, then there is the actual cheesecake, made with white chocolate, cream cheese,  and crushed macadamia nuts.  I don't even like macadamia nuts, so don't be put off by that if you don't like them, they just add this incredible richness to the flavor of the cheesecake.  

Oh my gosh.  All I can say is if you ever go there, skip dinner and get the cheesecake.  It will change your life."

Can you tell she loves this cheesecake?  She does.  And she has told that story so many times to so many people that complete strangers who have overheard her telling the story have asked her to write down the name of the cheesecake.

THAT is what being a fan of something is about.  You love it so much you want everyone to have it!

I was thinking about her and her cheesecake today when I was thinking about why I love Thirty-One Gifts.  It's not just a great product at a great price.  That's like saying my friend's cheesecake is a nice dessert.  It just doesn't do it justice.

Selling Thirty-One Gifts has given me a confidence in myself that I had lost.  It's helped me see that I can believe in myself and achieve the things God has for me. (I became a Director 5 months into being an active consultant. ) Of course it helps that it IS a great product, but it's so much more than that.  I really do want everyone to know about it, own it, sell it, because it is just that great.

When I first started this blog, I did it for two reasons.  I wanted to share a bit about myself with my readers, my friends, my customers; and I wanted to build my 31 business.  I've been pretty good about sharing about myself, but not so great about sharing about Thirty One.  And honestly, it wasn't until this morning that I realized, I LOVE 31 and I want EVERYONE to know it!  And maybe that sounds a little bit dorky to you, but you just wait.

Soon, you'll share my love for 31 like I share my friend's love for her cheesecake.  You just won't be able to help yourself. (I already have 34 consultants that work on my team! So I know what I'm talking about!)

In honor of my "I LOVE 31 Epiphany Day," I'm going to tell you two things.

1.  You can become a consultant for 31 right now without risking a penny.  It's normally $99 to get started (which is still a great price for over $300 worth of products) but right now there is a special going that will let you start selling Thirty One and get your starter kit for free! Email me at this link to get more information and get started today!

2.  I'm going to give away Keep it Caddy, in a pattern of your choice.  Just because I love you.  If you want to win, you have to comment and tell me why you want to win.  I'm going to pick the best answer (no random drawing) so do your best work!

From my side of the fence, I can see that I am about to change your life!  And once you sign up, we should go have cheesecake.  I'm kind of craving it now!

(I might have gone a little crazy with the links, but I just wanted to be sure you didn't miss it!  Don't judge me!)