Friday, December 28, 2012

Lilly Love

So, I don't know if you know this or not, but the word "fan" is actually an abbreviation of the word FANATIC.

I said that because I am a fan . . . okay I'm a FANATIC of Lilly Pulitzer.  Such a fan, in fact, that I even know that her birthday was just a few weeks ago on November 10th!

Who is Lilly Pulitzer, you ask? 

Well first of all, shame on you for not knowing, especially if you call yourself a southern girl or a girly girl!

"It all started in a juice stand" in 1959!  Lilly is a designer I LOVE (yes, we're on a first name basis . . . at least from my end we are!)  I've mentioned Lilly before.  She is a designer that I love!

She has been called the "Queen of Prep."   Her bright, cheerful, clothes are popular and have been worn by actresses, First Ladies, and me. :)  (I keep such good company!)  And also by my cousin, Jen, who I just HAVE to mention because she introduced me to my obsession love of Lilly years ago. 

Check them out, I bet you will be hooked too!

Oh, and by the way, now in addition to ladies' clothes, the Lilly line carries children's and men's clothes, shoes, jewelry, bedding and more!  Man, I sound like a commercial for Lilly.  But I can't help myself!  I love her!

Lilly lovers know that there is no comparison, and just wearing Lilly has been known to make your day better!

From my side of the fence, every day (even cold days!)  should be a Lilly Day!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Not a Diet

I don't know if you have seen the movie Kindergarten Cop before, but it's so funny.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is a cop who impersonates a Kindergarten Teacher in order to catch a crook.  In the movie, there is this one kid who is a total fatalist and constantly says, "Maybe it's a tumor!"  Finally, in a moment of madness, Arnold's character yells "It's not a tumor!"  Only in Arnold's voice it sounds like, "It's not a tuma."

That story has nothing to do with this blog other than when I think of the title, "It's Not a Diet," I think of Arnold's voice saying it like his character in Kindergarten Cop saying "It's not a tuma!" 

Truthfully, I kind of feel the same frustration he must have felt in that moment, because I keep telling myself I need to go on a diet, but my other self says, "It's not a diet!"

In an effort to be open and transparent ( like some friends I so greatly respect) I am going to share with you, my blogger friends, about a struggle I have called weight. I have struggled with my weight since our youngest son was born, 12 years ago. Before then, I never struggled with my weight.  I ate what I wanted, when I wanted.  But not now. No way. Just looking at a piece of cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory makes me gain 5lbs!

My goal is to loose weight and be the healthiest mom I can be.  So today, I started a journey, (ok, i started it again, for the 100th time!)  My journey to good physical health.

In the past, I have consulted nutritionist, trainers, you name it!  I have gone to them for the quick fix on loosing weight. News flash, there is no quick fix. The thing is, I KNOW how to lose weight and get healthy!  I know that 80% of a weight issue is what we put in out mouths,  and 20% is from some sort of work out that gets your blood flowing. I know the right and wrong way, I know the foods, to eat, I know how to do interval training, and the list goes on.  

I just struggle to do it.  

I am asking each of you to pray for me as I start this journey for the FINAL time. Yes, I said final. I am taking all of the knowledge I have gleaned over the years and the encouragement of friends, and I have set goals to loose weight and get healthy. I am not using a trainer (been there done that).   I am not using a prepared meal plan (done that too). I am going to be eating clean, small portions, 5-7 times a day, no and I mean NO processed foods, and I am starting to train again for a little race in January. 

Feel free to message and ask me how this journey is going. I welcome the accountability. I will keep you all posted. 

From my side of the fence, I'm pretty darn excited to think about myself at this time next year.  I'm gonna be one smokin' hot mama!  (HA!  My friend Carol told me I had to say that!)


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some are Called to Go; Some are Called to Give

I want to tell you guys about an incredible woman today.  Her name is Sammie Smimmo, and on January 1, 2013, she will leave Houston, Texas, and begin a journey that will take her through 65 cities, with stops at 52 Homeless Shelters in 52 Weeks.  A documentary of her journey will be filmed and book will be written that will share this amazing look at the homeless in our nation.

Her purpose?  To take the message of Hope to people who seemingly have no hope.  And to raise awareness for the homeless situation in this country.  (Did you know that more than 50% of the homeless in our nation are women and children?  I am ashamed to say that I used to think that homeless people were all drunks or drug addicts. Not true, I have learned).

Sammie's story is pretty amazing.  She went from being a millionaire to being homeless, all in just a few short months.  Her husband, a drug addict and philander left her after 16+ years of marriage.  Depression, of course, took over, and one night she took herself to the hospital, thinking she was having a heart attack.  In reality, it was just a panic attack, but while there, they discovered a lump in her breast.  A lump that turned out to be cancer.

Sammie lost it all.  Her marriage, her business, her health, and her home.  She went from living in a palatial home to living in a tool shed with no running water (no bathroom, no shower, all while struggling through brutal chemotherapy!)

During that time of incredible personal loss, Sammie discovered a deep love for Jesus.  And He called her to work with the homeless.  Since that day, she has worked 7 days a week (even during chemo and the 17 cancer related surgeries she had to have afterward!) feeding and loving the Homeless.

When asked why she is going on this journey across the country, she said simply, "People on the street need to know that they matter.  They need to know that someone knows they exist; that God knows they exist.  And they need to know that there is hope for them.  I'm going because God told me to go."

I want to help Sammie on this incredible journey.  There are many ways each of us can help.  Some can give money.  Some can host Sammie when she is in your city.  And I've thought of another incredible way you can help!  Sammie will be living out of her car and providing food and Bibles out of her car for the THOUSANDS of people she will meet on this journey.  And to do that, she needs a way to be organized and to carry all of her stuff.  (ah hem . . . throat clear noise . . .)  I just HAPPEN to be a 31 Gifts Consultant and we just HAPPEN to sell a product that will both help Sammie get organized and to carry all her stuff.

This is where you come in!  I have a list on my website of all the totes that Sammie needs.  But we have to do this fast because as I said, she's leaving on January 1, 2013!  If you want to help, go to, click on events and then Sammie. There you can purchase one of the organizing utility totes or the large utility totes.  And, just to be sure you guys don't think I'm doing this to promote my own business, I'm giving 100%, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of my profit to Sammie's trip!

From my side of the fence, I see a big chance to make a big difference in the life of someone else.  Some of us are called to go, some are called to give.  I'm glad Sammie's going.  And I want to join her by giving!  Will you join me?


Saturday, December 1, 2012

I, Cathy Henry, Am a Duck Fan

Our family is hooked on a new show called Duck Dynasty. I know what you are thinking, someone who loves Lilly Pulitzer, pink and green, tiaras and monograms, and is KNOWN for being a girlie girl! . . . a show called Duck Dynasty?! 

If I have to pass blame, it's to our oldest, "D", who started us on the show. He kept telling us we had to watch it because it was soooooo funny! 

And he was right!  Omgosh!

Yep, we love it. 

Maybe it is because it takes me back to my roots of the south, where guns and camo and old fashioned values all matter. Maybe it's because I grew up with all brothers and now have sons. 

But whatever the reason, it's great!  The show is about a family from Louisiana who has made millions $ making duck calls.  The "founding father", Phil Robertson is the neatest man. He loves life and is always positive. He loves God, his family, and his country, and he is not afraid to tell anyone about it!  

He stands on principle and the truth. He stands on the Word of God, and that's rare to see now days. At the end of the show they always close with the family around the table, heads bowed, praying.  What a great way to end a show and a day.  

There is no profanity, no ugliness, only laughter,  and lots and lots of pranks.  It's about knowledge and love being passed from one generation to the next. That's it!  Now this is family TV. I laugh till I cry almost every time.  (On a recent episode, they were all in the forest picking Muscadine berries.  Their Uncle Si bent over and picked up a berry off the ground and ate it, then said, "That tastes like crap!" (okay, maybe there's a little bit of language!) His nephew looks down and says, "Did you eat berries out of that pile right there?"  And Uncle Si said, "Yes."  Everyone died laughing and the nephew said, "Uncle Si, that's a pile of coon turds!  When was the last time you had your eyes checked?"  I laughed until I cried.  Yes, "I" watch this show! 

My favorite saying is from Phil Robertson. He says "Happy, Happy, Happy" I love that! 

From my side of the fence, I think TV needs a lot more "reality" shows like this one.  Love, values, and just plain old fashioned fun!  If you haven't seen it, it comes on A&E on cable.