Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Not a Diet

I don't know if you have seen the movie Kindergarten Cop before, but it's so funny.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is a cop who impersonates a Kindergarten Teacher in order to catch a crook.  In the movie, there is this one kid who is a total fatalist and constantly says, "Maybe it's a tumor!"  Finally, in a moment of madness, Arnold's character yells "It's not a tumor!"  Only in Arnold's voice it sounds like, "It's not a tuma."

That story has nothing to do with this blog other than when I think of the title, "It's Not a Diet," I think of Arnold's voice saying it like his character in Kindergarten Cop saying "It's not a tuma!" 

Truthfully, I kind of feel the same frustration he must have felt in that moment, because I keep telling myself I need to go on a diet, but my other self says, "It's not a diet!"

In an effort to be open and transparent ( like some friends I so greatly respect) I am going to share with you, my blogger friends, about a struggle I have called weight. I have struggled with my weight since our youngest son was born, 12 years ago. Before then, I never struggled with my weight.  I ate what I wanted, when I wanted.  But not now. No way. Just looking at a piece of cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory makes me gain 5lbs!

My goal is to loose weight and be the healthiest mom I can be.  So today, I started a journey, (ok, i started it again, for the 100th time!)  My journey to good physical health.

In the past, I have consulted nutritionist, trainers, you name it!  I have gone to them for the quick fix on loosing weight. News flash, there is no quick fix. The thing is, I KNOW how to lose weight and get healthy!  I know that 80% of a weight issue is what we put in out mouths,  and 20% is from some sort of work out that gets your blood flowing. I know the right and wrong way, I know the foods, to eat, I know how to do interval training, and the list goes on.  

I just struggle to do it.  

I am asking each of you to pray for me as I start this journey for the FINAL time. Yes, I said final. I am taking all of the knowledge I have gleaned over the years and the encouragement of friends, and I have set goals to loose weight and get healthy. I am not using a trainer (been there done that).   I am not using a prepared meal plan (done that too). I am going to be eating clean, small portions, 5-7 times a day, no and I mean NO processed foods, and I am starting to train again for a little race in January. 

Feel free to message and ask me how this journey is going. I welcome the accountability. I will keep you all posted. 

From my side of the fence, I'm pretty darn excited to think about myself at this time next year.  I'm gonna be one smokin' hot mama!  (HA!  My friend Carol told me I had to say that!)