Monday, November 5, 2012


Other than the joy my husband brings me (just by being himself!) the joy of being a parent is the greatest thing. (Okay, there are lots of things that bring me great joy in my life, but seriously, being a parent ranks WAY up there in the top two!)
I enjoy so much about my sons, but watching them play the sports they love is incredible.  Right now it's basketball season, and that is our oldest son, D's, sport! He transferred this year to a new college, and with that comes some uncertainty about new coaches, new team mates, and playing time of course. I spend a lot of time praying for him, (not all related to sports, of course), but I have prayed and prayed for the Lord to keep him healthy and allow him to shine with the talents I know the Lord has given him! He has such passion for basketball!
Well, now that I have properly set up this story, I have a D. story for you. :)
On Friday of last week, we loaded up and headed 3 hours south to watch him on the road for his team's first game of the season. We were really excited as we traveled down the road, mostly from the anticipation of seeing D., but also knowing we were going to surprise him by being there for his first game! (His little brother even had on his new CCG t-shirt to show his support!) 

We got there right on time, and when D. turned around and saw us, he smiled from ear to ear! Surprise Success!
The joy of his surprise would have totally been enough for me, but he played amazingly well! He was the high scorer of the game with 13 points! (Humor me, it was a proud mom moment ok?!) 
And I may or may not have stood up after his third 3-pointer and yelled "That's my boy!" HA!
We were not able to make it to game #2, which was the next day, but we got the update as soon as it was over . . . 13 points and 7 rebounds!

I hope you enjoyed your surprise, D.  We LOVED surprising you!
"Lord, thank you for blessing this very un-athletic momma with two boys that take after their daddy and love athletics. Thank you for giving them the bodies and desires to pursue their dreams. Lord, please keep them safe from injury (and heal the injuries we already have...son #2 is almost out of a cast from a baseball injury, broken arm)."
From my side of the fence, I am blessed. I love watching my sons play sports and have fun! But mostly, I love being a mom. 


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