Friday, June 27, 2014

I’m back! I know its been awhile since I have blogged, but I am making a commitment to blog at least 2x a week from here forward.   I think like many people who blog, I often wonder what I could possibly have to say that others want to read, but I have been encouraged to write about what I am living and learning, so here it is.

God has revealed so much to me, (its not all fun to hear, but of course all things I need to hear, and the outcome is of course). I know we learn from each other, so I can’t wait to share as He leads. 

So, its summer time, the time of freedom (from schoolwork at least); a time for family , friends and food!  So far this summer has brought a lot of freedom, fun, friends and food (clean eating my friends, but that’s another blog).  We are spending as much time as possible at the lake, the beach and in our pool. From what we have been told, next summer will not bring near as much freedom.  Our youngest will be a rising 9th grader (EEEK!) and with that brings summer 9th grade baseball and summer school classes (baseball coach requires this).  So we are enjoying this summer and yes, even excited about next summer and the new adventure.  :)

And though next summer sometimes slips from the back of my mind and into my thoughts, I am learning to live in the moment and trust God where he has us now.

As I looked up from my computer screen just now, I saw John 3:30…”He must increase but I must decrease”. 

That verse is posted on my desk and I see it everyday. It is a continual reminder to trust the Lord, be still and listen to Him and surrender myself and my desire to His will.  Every time I turn around I see those words, I am pretty sure He makes sure I see them, (this girl needs lots of reminding, and He knows it). He also knows my heart, which is to follow Him, so he is teaching me what that looks like, to surrender, be still and to trust.

The blessing I have experienced in the past four months of really living that out have been amazing. Makes me kinda sad for what I have been missing out on I am sure, but makes me excited too about what His glorious plans are ahead.

From my side of the fence, following His ways brings peace, joy and freedom…. And I am loving it!


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